is there an easy way of repeating the playerbox between layo

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  • At present I have to bring the sprite and playerbox and attack box and camerabox into each layout and then resize and place boxes. Is there a way to have this happen automatically when I bring in the player box? I tried using containers but it didn't work.

    Also is there a way to copy a whole layer to a new layout?

  • Have you tried making the player/playerbox-object global?

  • no... I'm guessing that's an easy fix? time to have a play with that.

  • Could be the fix you want, if I understand the problem correctly..

    You could also have all the events/actions concerning the scaling/pinning/movement etcetera of the player in a seperate event sheet and include it in the event sheet of every layout to have the events do it instead..

    But offcourse I could be way off on what the issue is..

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  • that was certainly part of it, thank you. now I just need to see what is going on with the placement of those objects... But I think I can figure that out.

  • Well that was a part of it, sadly it clashed with other elements of my events sheet and caused a bit of a meltdown.... well I think it was that.

    I also added some other things like health and ammo refills and something broke. When the player dies he disappears and will not reappear when layout restarts. Just when I thought I had the core code nailed. Sigh. Ah well I will tackle it tomorrow. I know it will be one thing that is causing the elementsame to clash.

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