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  • pl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=149vx35&s=8#.UwvaqbQixdo

    I have 2 arrays. Value at (0,0) works as Id: it is = 0 for one array =1 for the second array. At the beginning of the layout I call function array_start.

    The problem is that for the Second array([0,0]=1) I don't have (1,1)=13. What am I doing wrong?


    Function add_ar is setting value at [X,Y] with size control so it's not source of problem.

  • I might be wrong but looking at your event sheet I noticed that array(0,0) is never being changed and when you try to get the event array value at (0,0) =1 triggered well it is never 1, it is 0. As I said I might be wrong and saying nothing fruitful but I think the problem might be that.

  • I got 2 arryas.

    First array has (0,0)=0

    Second array has (0,0)=1

    The thing is I want to do one set of action for the first array and other set of action (setting 13 on (1,1)) for the second array.

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  • Ok, could you please update your event sheet image so I can see the actions performed over each array?, I get confused when looking at your actual event shee since the actions have the object affected by the action trimmed or something... that way I could understand what action is affecting wich array (sorry if I am being dense)

  • Did you setup the array dimensions on the properties left after clicking on it?

  • hahah I think that is going to be the actual problem , it happened to me too.

  • Do you mean Height and Width? It's set on 20

  • then that is not the problem. Please update the picture please I will do some tests if you do so.

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