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  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to add my game to my website and i did this one below:


    But i want to insert it on a page in a frame. I've searched forum and some tutorials but i couldn't find the anser yet. Is there an easy way to do this or should i have at least some basic html knowledge to do this?

    And another question: i am using google analytics and i think google can't track the page above but it can track the main page. What can be the reason of that?


  • I'd suggest doing a Google search for using IFRAME tag. It's not majorly complicated so one or two sites should have you ready to use the tag to embed your game.

    As for Google analytics: Looking at the page source for your game I don't see the analytics tracking code. That's why it's not tracking traffic for that page. You'd have to insert it manually to the index.html file that is generated from C2's export.

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  • Thanks theubie, i learned iframe thing from another forum and it works now.

    And after using iframe and embedding the game on a page that have a tracking code i think that problem is also solved.

    here is the page, i checked source code and i think it should work now.

    palteki.comlu.com (frame on that page needs a litte rescaling, sorry for that)

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