How do I use an earlier version of C2 on steam?

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  • Hi!

    So my problem is I cannot export to IOS atm because i'm getting the "error fetching data.js" when the game starts.

    This problem really started on r250 but at that time it worked fine by just replacing the version number "25000" in the .caproj file with "24900" before export and the error would go away. Now that does not work anymore since I was upgraded to 252 (my last update on IOS was 12.1.2018 and that worked fine by replacing version number with "24900")...

    I don't really understand this but maybe it would work if could go back to the 250 version (or older) again. What does the version number in the caproj really do? Is lowering that number the same thing as using an older version of C2?

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  • Bumping this topic. I would also like to know if this is possible. Ever since the last updates on Steam, I have noticed a significant impact on my project. Currently trying to rule out the culprit-reverting to older nwjs (nw 15-the one the project was build in till late dec 2017). Reverting the nwjs helped a bit, but performance is still noticeably worse than it was before.

    edit: forgot to add some info which might prove handy for others: ie I started having the black flicker bug in January 18-it's gone if I use the json flag in the NWJs roundup by TheRealDanyyy (many Kudos btw) But the issue remains: it was not there before. Also, in the moments of the black flickering, slowdowon and stuttering occurs. As mentioned, the json flag removes the black flashes, but the stuttering remains. It's noticeable in nw 15, but significantly worse in nw 27-28

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