Make Dynamic/Cumulative Local Storage Sessions

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  • Dear Seasoned Construct 2 Programmer,

    I would like to achieve cumulative local storage sessions.

    What I mean by that is the following:

    I have managed to implement local storage to my user interface. All it does is remembering all data passed in by the user and it loads it back. All good. However, whenever a user wants to add just one new word to previously saved, the previously saved data is lost and just that one word is stored by local storage.

    I would like to fix it. Therefore, i want to add previously saved data to the new data with interface displaying everything correctly. That is why i have come up with the idea of combining my regular array with another array called "auArray".

    Despite my best effort i cannot crack this open. Perhaps there is something wrong with my index count methodology. Please find a bug and/or implement the right solution!

    here is my capx:

    remember to add:

    If the problem i encounter is not clear, let me know and i will explain in more details. I do believe the capx should be enough to get me at the right end of the stick.

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  • hey, i do believe in you!

  • You've over complicated things by using a second array and a separate index. A single array is sufficient. I've also changed the model to update the data and then refresh the GUI. This is a common technique in programming. ... a_BHT.capx

  • Thank you so much for both your time and work. I am immeasurably grateful for correcting me. I find your update and refresh model higly innovative and convenient. Thank you for allowing me to step a notch higher on the programming ladder, which i am very fond of. Please remember you have done something good in the world today. Let this good wish warm you when you need it most!

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