Dynamically/Fade sound effects. Please Help!!

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  • I have been looking everywhere trying to figure this out!

    In the manual about Audio in the effects section it says:

    "The Set effect parameter also allows effect parameters to by dynamically set or faded during playback. Each effect also has a wet/dry mix which can be used to fade in and fade out effects."

    This sounds great but how!?

    As my player slows down the music slows down, that is easy to implement!

    But effects seem hard to fade etc. You can use the Effect Parameter apparently, but how are you suppose to know What number which effect is anyway, it seems volume is index parameter '0' but what index number is the filter effect!?

    I want to be able to increase the amount of filter (low-pass) depending on health!

    Like in FPS games when you get hurt badly the sound muffles, I want a similar effect!

    Can't believe in Audio it says you can use effects dynamically but then there is no explanation any where as to how!!

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  • To dynamically fade any sound:

    when you play a sound, give it a tag. A tag is simply just a name, for referring to this particular sound later.

    Now, "every tick", you can set the volume of any sound by using its tag.

    Set Volume function from manual in audio section:

    Set volume: Change the volume of a sound. The volume is given in decibels (dB). A volume of 0 dB is original volume, above 0 dB amplifies the sound, and below 0 dB attenuates the sound. For example, entering a value of -10 plays the audio back 10 dB quieter (about half as loud).

    To dynamically fade any sound, you simply need to call set volume and change its volume in every tick.

    That's the general idea.

    If you need further assistance, please say so.

  • Effects only work on Chrome (in my experience). Here's an example of the gain effect:


    To cover more bases, you can look at this thread:


    Indexing is based on the order that you 'add' an effect. The first one here is Gain, so it is at index 0.

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