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  • Hey there,

    I was trying to make dynamic music for my game I am developing for fun.

    I do this with 8second samples being triggered every 8 seconds. When a game condition changes, different samples are triggered.

    Everything works fine so far. In the browser and as a webkit node export everything is fine, but when testing on my Nexus 7 with cocoon JS all the samples are cut off after around 3 seconds.

    Is there a limit for soundsamples on Android?

    I aready tried lower bitrates, but it still has the same errors... any Ideas on this?


    EDIT: I also noticed performance drops on Android, when using sounds.


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  • Looks like the cocoonJS platform has some sound issues in General... I let go of my Idea with dynamic music for now, but when running on cocoonJS I still have some sounds unplayed, that clearly have been triggered.

  • AndyKayJah,

    Yes Cocoon is a little buggy with sound at the moment, but they have said they're going to fix it soon.

    They should have an update coming out shortly, so keep your fingers crossed and watch this space.


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