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  • <font size="4">Hello there!</font>

    I am wondering about one or two things!

    When I duplicate a layout the new layout has the same event sheet as the one it got duplicated from has. Is it any way to add a new event sheet for the duplicated layout?

    And another question here:

    When im changing a texture on the duplicated layout, the texture also get changed on the original layout. Is that normal and how to fix that?

    Im wondering about that because im going to change the menu for my game. The new menu is supposed to be like when im pressing the start button, the only difference is that it will pop up another menu where you can choose between battleship edition or tanks edition. And since the only thing I need to change is the textures and the image point im wondering about that.

    Here is the game with a capx if that can help: http://www.scirra.com/arcade/shooter/5851/monster-shooter

    To download the capx look under the "Stats" tab and you will find the download.

  • 1) In the project tab, click on the layout. On the Layout properties tab you will see the Event sheet name. Just make a new event sheet and change the name.

    2) Duplicating doesn't duplicate all objects. Either add a second texture/frame to the sprite, or right-click the sprite and pick Clone. You can then edit it's texture.

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