Duplicating the HUD across multiple layouts

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  • Hey all,

    Is there an accepted method for duplicating a HUD across multiple layouts?   Ideally the hud should show up on selected layouts without forcing me to recreate the objects individually each time, so changes that I make to the HUD will propagate.

    Searching seems not to find very much on this topic, a few people suggest using global objects created at runtime, but that seems to require that all layouts have the same layer setups. Different layouts might have different numbers of layers depending on what's in the level.

    This seems like a feature almost every game would need, so what obvious method to do it am I missing?

  • Just set your hud elements to Global and create the layer hud on each layout (empty) so you can toggle it on/off :)

  • Once I have all my HUD elements where I want them, I record their positions, delete them and then recreate them at runtime in my main event sheet, which is common to all levels in my game.

    Not sure how accepted (or even how smart) this method is, but it works for me.

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  • Hi Lze, can you please send to me too^^ i am working similar thing too, thanks!

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