How do I duplicate spritefont

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  • Hye, at first sorry for my english :

    For a game I have an Array (10x10) with 100 random values.

    Because of interaction (touch) between all values, I decid to assign each values of the array to a spritefont.

    My question is : Is there a simple solution to create 100 independant spritefont(not the same name) ?

    I hope you could understand what I'm talking about, because I don't want to manually create 100 individual spritefont.

    Thanks for reading.

    PS : I search for 1hour on the forum with the keywarl "duplicate" but I see nothing about what I search for.

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  • Right click the sprite font and select clone.

    Although you really should just use a single spritefont object and learn how to pick the proper instance to manipulate instead. There are many ways of doing so.

  • Thanks a lot !

  • I search a little more and I find a solution. You have right oosyrag, it's more easy to use one item.

    At fist I use the ID of each object. Because I'm a rookie it was difficult.

    So I just use a "for" loops. Specially the "for each object". Ans with that it's so easy to make what I want.

    If someone want more explication I can send my capx.

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