Duplicate New Persistent Layouts During Execution

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  • So here's what I am imagining I want to do:

    • Have an tilemap overmap reminiscent of early Ultima games.
    • Give the players the ability to "look closer" at any tilemap on the overmap, doing potential things such as foraging for supplies, hunting local game, ect.
    • "Looking closer" will pretty much take an existing layout, duplicate a copy of it that is set persistent, this layout would have all the code it needs to dynamically generate some cool terrain and things.
    • After being generated, the "Looking closer" layout will leave a pointer between the overmap tile and this new layout, thus allowing the player to return there whenever they want.

    I am mostly hung up because it does not look like Construct 2 has any means to dynamically create new layouts, let alone copy an existing layout.

    The most obvious workaround is to simply recycle the same existing "looking closer" layout, but this would mean I am losing any persistence in that layout. That's what games like "Ultima" and "Oregon Trial" did, back in the day. However, in the spirit of trying to preserve come coherence to the virtual world, what I am looking for is more of a "Dwarf Fortress" approach, if possible, where the smaller "looking closer" layouts are saved and associated with their respective positions on the overmap.

    Any ideas?

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