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  • Ok people I've been at this for hours and I can't seem to figure it out so I'm humbly coming to the masters... For some reason with this set up it will not let an animation work correctly. Everything else so far is working fine except when I hit my down arrow to set the DUCKING animation it will only work if I am not holding any other key.

    Whenever I'm using the left or right arrow (Run Left/RunRight) and I hit the down arrow to duck I have to completely let off the other arrows thin hit or it will just run in place until I let the down.

    If I'm running and hit the up arrow (Jump) it works fine, he jumps, comes down and if I'm still holding the run arrow he keeps running (PERFECT!) but if I do that with the down arrow it either runs in place or just sits still until I let it go...

    I need the duck animation to work the same as the Jump.

    I'm not sure why one is working and not the other.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • You've got "On Down" under "NOT platform moving", so it's only triggered if the player isn't moving (no keys pressed).

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  • blackhornet you are always one of the first to reach out and help me and I just wanted to say I appreciate that. I moved it around everywhere and it still does the same thing. I tried everything I could think of and it either keeps running in place, stops and slide with no animation. I have to literally wait for it to stop running or Idle and then with nothing else pressed but the down arrow it will work.

    But by that time you're hit because you ducked too slow....

    Thanks again

  • See if this helps:

  • blackhornet Wow!!!! Looking good so far I had to add a tweak but (AS USUAL) you did an amazing job. I have 2 more animations to add so let's hope I don't break it this time.

    I learned something new today. That input thing was key. I figured there had to be something but I just didn't have the knowledge but I thank you for yours.

    Much appreciated.

  • blackhornet The results are in... I finally finished drawing and animating my character and with implementing the help you gave me everything seems to be working fine...

    I appreciate your help and hopefully I can get a little farther before the next snag.

    Thanks again my friend...

  • Love the animation, you're a talented artist!

  • BigFrank Thank you, I'm still learning and growing. Much appreciated.

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