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  • Hey, I'm working with the LoadJSON plugin, and the publisher noted that it does not work in preview mode. I've tried hosting it on dropbox, so when you load the link, the game loads, e.g. dl.dropbox.com/u/10778449/coffeemug/index.html.

    But no matter what I do, it just keeps asking me to download the file onto my system. Have they removed this feature or something?

    Thank you.

  • When you say that it "doesn't work in preview mode", you mean when you click "Run" from C2 and deploy it to localhost

    If you're being prompted to download the file that sounds like the browser doesn't recognise the MIME type of whatever file is being requested - is it a simple text file or XML, or something else? What file extension does it have?

  • Well, I assumed that's what the publisher of the plugin meant (http://www.scirra.com/forum/plugin-load-jsOn_topic50331.html). I'm still pretty new to construct 2, and I don't know of any other preview option.

    And basically, I export my project as HTML5 and when I upload that folder to dropbox, I want to be able to just click on the index.html and it will load the game instance for me. However, it either comes up with a black screen, or asks me to download the individual file.

    EDIT: Okay, i've figured it out now. It was just due to dropbox's recent changes to their public folders. Apparently you have to manually activate a public folder through your account before you can get the publicly available link. Thank you for the reply though!

  • Hey Rogalog - How do you activate a Public folder these days? I have an old account but a friend of mine just got a dropbox account and there are no Public folders anymore. Just pasting the link to the index.html game file into a web page is not running the game (even if you change the www to dl)to tell dropbox to skip the download file page. Any advice on how you got your game to serve properly off the Dropbox now that they have made these changes?

  • maybe that could help: Dropbox

    Also, username will prompt the user that someone talk to him/her in the forums

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  • Problem solved.

    Dropbox doesn't have Public folders anymore for new accounts, but you can still enable one - if you jump though hoops.

    Check out this link if you are a new Dropbox user. Create a public folder and put your games in there. (this may change in the future but fixes it for now.


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