My drivers are updated but C2 doesn't believe it !

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  • Hi everybody.

    Construct 2 had always been warning me about my graphic drivers not being up-to-date.

    So I decided to go and check for updates. I did, and the company's website said "Your drivers are current".

    But Construct 2 still warns me about out of date drivers and I can't run some of these webGL effects on my computer. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox but the result is the same.

    So, what's going wrong here? How do I solve this?

    [Thanks for reading]

  • Why do you care about this, just don?t let c2 check it.

    Aslong as your PC supports in every browser WebGl and you don?t have any laggs or fps drops, every thing is fine.

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  • Most vendors stop releasing driver updates for old hardware after a while. In this case your graphics card vendor has kind of left you for dead, since your drivers are probably buggy (causing WebGL to be disabled) and they won't give you an update. The only option then is to buy a new, recent graphics card which is still supported and has newer drivers.

  • O... That's kinda disappointing!

    So I should go and update my system. Thanks for the help anyways.

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