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  • I intend to decrease life, removing little sprites that represent players life. How to implemt it?


  • you can make the amount of max lives, and set all the lives whivh are not in the starting to invisible, add a variable for lives, then add as many events as you need,

    if [health] = 2     set heart1 visible

                        set heart2 visible

    if [health] = 4     set heart1 visible

                        set heart2 visible

                        set heart3 visible

                        set heart4 visible

    if player is on collision with enemy     subtract 1 from [health]

    it's a bit messy but i can't thank of another way

  • Could I use a sprite with 5 frames (one frame with 5 images, other with 4, etc)and change the animation as played lost lives, for example? or it�s not a good solution?

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  • it could be a solution but you need to change frame, not the animation.

    It would be :

    On collision with

                   set frame to [FrameNumber]

    Though it think that solution provide by Ash1221 is more flexible if you need to tweak your life. Using variable is important.

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