How do I draw Tilemap outside of viewport ? [PASTER]

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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to set a split screen user the Paster addon, as described in this tutorial : ... creen-play

    Everything works except when i add a Tilemap object to the layout. Attached is a modified capx from the example above to illustrate. I just scroll the viewport to the bottom left corner at layout start and added a Tilemap.

    The Tilemap object appears only inside the viewport. So for the player 2, starting from right bottom corner of the layout, outside the viewport, the Tilemap is not displayed. You cas only see the green part from the player 1 screen. I think this might be caused by the tilemap behaviot that only display tiles that are inside the viewport, despite of the Paster addon that access image data from outside the viewport.

    Has Anyone ever found this ?


  • The trick is you need to make sure all of the tilemap that you want to paste is onscreen before pasting.

    For everything else the usual method of using paster as a screen is to

    1. move paster to the location

    2. paste objects

    3. move paster back to original location

    For the tilemap or even particle object you need to move both onscreen.

    1. move tilemap to the negative of the location you want to draw. (-x,-y)

    2. move paster to the top-left of the screen

    3. paste tilemap

    4. move paster back to original location

    5. move tilemap back to (0,0)

    The above will work as long as the paster object's size is less than or equal to the screen size. If it's bigger then you'll need to scale the layout or layer so tha everything is on screen before pasting.

  • It works, thank youvery much.

    How about having two Tilemaps (one ground, one solid walls), on separate layers and pasting Shadow Light ?

  • Up.

    Sorry but I could not find any solution for Shadow Light object and Paster, as the Shadow Light is only drawn onscreen.

    I saw the beginning of a discussion about it on the Paster topic, but no solution.

    Do you have a tip for this ?

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  • i couldnt understand the instructions, can someone do an example capx?

  • Does the example capx in my post not work? I guess I'll have to have another look at it when I get the chance.


    Example seems to work fine.

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