How do I draw a prediction line for bullet behavior?

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  • Don't really know the exact way to put it but it's something similar to this screenshot taken from the game "Peggle". I want to show a line that predicts the path of the bullet before shooting it. I believe Peggle is using Physics behavior but I'm using bullet behaviour for my game.

  • Here it is.

  • Gmoney

    Thanks for the tips. I need exactly that but one with bullet behavior. Do you know if it works the same? I try to replicate it but the path seems very different. Most importantly, I want to know the path after bouncing off solid object.

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  • You're welcome, mrneko.

    Yes, the Bullet behavior can have parabolic trajectory, just the way Physics based ones do, by adjusting its gravity and speed.

    But we don't always need the Bullet behavior, as the trajectory can be calculated without one as seen on the following threads.

    This one has the prediction line you're looking for and it's not using Physics.

    R0J0hound is the one you should seek for help in this matter, as I learned everything I know on the topics of parabolic trajectory from R0J0hound's great teachings.

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