Draw Canvas problem with javascript (plugin)

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  • I really surprised...

    My plugin is worked very well in build r95..

    Problem comes after I attempt to update to r114.

    Javascript library don't recognize the context of element...???

    My code as bellow:

    <font color=RED>

         instanceProto.paint = function (myparam)


          //alert("here: "+ this.runtime.id);      


          var _x = this.x;

          var _y = this.y;

          var _w = this.width;

          var _h = this.height;


            var image = new Image();

            image.src = myparam;               

            image.onload= function(){

                var c=document.getElementById("c2canvas");

                var con=c.getContext('2d');

                if(null == con){

                   alert("con is null");



                con.drawImage(image, _x - _w/2, _y- _h/2, _w,_h);




            this.image = image;




    In test bed, alert message always topup "con is null"...this problem never appeared in old build

    Some one please help me...how to solve this problem

    Thank in advance

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