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  • Hi guys! Here is the question:

    • i need to create icon of item? and user can pick this item and palce on a game field, but icon of this object need to stay in item menu.

    Example: Plants vs Zombie - when you drag a seed to plant, icon of that seed stay on place, but under cursor you get a copy of this item.

    So.. i tried many times.. but failed... Who can solved me that problem?

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  • Well ... You can place two different objects ( NonDragNDrop *Insert your item name here* and DragNDrop *Insert your item name here* ) of one item in the same position ... Then Attribute the Drag-N-Drop behavior to the top one ( DragNDrop *Insert your item name here* )

    And add this little event :

    If (NonDragNDrop *Insert your item name here*) is not overlapping (DragNDrop *Insert your item name here*) : (NonDragNDrop *Insert your item name here*) | Spawn (DragNDrop *Insert your item name here*)

    And you are done !

    Cheers !

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