Drag&drop behavior doesn't work while scrolling

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  • While dragging a sprite with the drag and drop behavior, if I try to scroll the layout (with the WASD keys for example), the sprite doesn't update its position.

    Is this a bug report?

    The sprite *does* update its position when you move your mouse even a tiny bit, so it looks like the Drag and Drop behavior is only working for absolute mouse.X, is that right?


  • Sorry, the link is error. You are didn't upload it. Upload the Capx please :)

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  • I think that is correct actually. While you are dragging it you are basically holding on to it and if the layout is moving the sprite you are dragging won't move unless you drag it elsewhere.

    Sorry if I misunderstood the issue. I would check the CAPX but the CAPX link seems to be directing to a directory of your personal computer. It needs to be uploaded to something like DropBox so that we may get access to it.

    edit: I just noticed the word DropBox on the link, so it looks like you did upload it to dropbox but we still need the DropBox URL Link to get access to it. You can get the link easily if you login to the dropbox website and click on the chain/link icon on the right of the file.

  • you're absolutely right, apologies.

    The capx link above should work now.

    And yes, I think the drag and drop behavior is working as expected. It is just not useful for what I need it :)

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