How do I drag and drop without autoselecting other objects?

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  • So not sure if I'm not using C2 correctly but when you have like 4 tilemaps it becomes almost imposible to drag and drop other objects around..

    I have a tilemap for solids, one for jumpthru, one for overlay and one for just decoration purposes. Now it doesnt matter which layer the object is, it always autoselects a tilemap. I can lock the layers where I have the decoration and overlay tilemaps but then it always autoselects the level or jumpthru tilemap even if its on the lower layer and I have objets on higher layers..

    Is there any kind of way to disable "auto select" or something like that? Feels imposible to work with.

    Thank you

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  • same problem here ..and i find one best way for me

    this is realy problem and your day = #$!$ Oo

    so! start make event to make your tile map set potision when layout start..In your C2 screen move tilt map away from canvas and your problem solved ^^

    and make some family if you have alot Sprite that dont use it when DEcoration and move it away from canvas

    i think the rly problem is the BG so keap your mind to make event position and move BG away from Canvas.

  • You need to specify in your event which tilemap needs to be engaged. Set your drag and drop behaviours to be disabled by default, and enable and disable the behaviour on-the-fly through events to ensure they only affect one object at a time. Your code should look something like this:

    On touch object

    | Pick all object

    >>>Disable object.DragAndDrop

    | Pick top

    >>>Enable object.DragAndDrop

    I've used 'Pick top' because it is predictable. When the user clicks on an area containing multiple objects, only the one that's visible in that area gets selected. You can use other criteria of course.

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