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  • Probably a noob question here but,

    im working on something where I have objects with drag and drop behaviors. They work great. But, they also do not collide with other solid objects. I don't want to be able to drag them over solid objects.


  • Put Solid behaviour on your solid objects, and also, e.g. Bullet or 8-direction behaviour (which use the Solid behaviour).


    hint: if you had typed 'solid' in the Manual search page, you would have got the above link <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Thanks, they do have the solid behaviors on them as well as does the drag and drop objects. But i'll try the other options. Thanks

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  • Drag and drop doesn't honour the solid behaviour..

    From the link:

    [quote:2whyygz6]It affects the following behaviors:

    8 Direction, which is blocked by Solids

    Bullet, which can optionally bounce off Solids

    Car, which bounces off Solids

    Line-of-sight, which by default has line-of-sight obstructed by Solids

    Platform, which can land on Solids. Platform cannot jump on to solids from underneath - for this, use the Jump-thru behavior.

    Pathfinding, which by default uses solids as path obstacles.

  • ahh i see thank you. I'll have to re work some stuff then

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