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  • Hi !

    is there a way to drag and drop Event Sheets from 1 construct2 project window to another construct2 project window. (its to save time to recode everything...)

    Thank you !

  • Hey O.

    You can copy and paste everything you need from one project to another one. But keep in mind that all of your events you made in either project reference specific objects.

    If these objects (including variables) are not in the project that you are copying them to it simply wont work.

  • Hi genki ;)

    Thanks for your answer and i understand your explanation but just 1 question, how do you copy and paste ?? Because what i try to do is from the Object panel, i need to copy an Even Sheet and paste it into the even sheet of the other project (in the even sheet of the object panel as well)

  • First in your new project you want to create a new event sheet and name it whatever you like. Then, to copy and paste you just need to select all of the events manually. If you select one at the very top and then hold shift and click on an event at the bottom it will select all. (Or just use ctrl+A).

    Then you can ctrl+c OR you can right click on one of the selected events and choose copy from there. Then go into your new event sheet and paste it by using ctrl+v or right click on an empty area and paste.

    (you can also copy and paste sprites the same way).

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  • Ok genki, seems perfect now and its clear!

    well thanks again for your kind help !!!

  • No problem O, have fun! :)

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