How do I can download music from link

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  • hi

    How do I can download music from link and save in games folder so use it in game


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  • helloooooooooooooo!!

  • Hello,

    Please wait a full 24 hours before bumping your topics.

    Also your question is actually pretty much out of the scope of Construct 2. At least the answer is.

    HTML5 won't allow you to upload files to the server it is being hosted on. So this is not handled from within your game.

    Now nothing prevents you from using a server script to put files in the "Media" folder, and find a way to let your application know that it needs to play a file "by name" with the new name of the file you uploaded.

    Perhaps you need to keep a list of the names in a file and have AJAX calls from your game to read them, and your server script to modify that list.

    For everything server-side, this is out of the scope of Construct 2 and these forums so you'll better be asking on online communitites dedicated to the script language you've chosen.

    For AJAX, check the How do I FAQ for example of use.

  • no!

    i dont use server!

    I just put the link of music in game and users download it and music saved in games folder, so game use downloaded music.

    I just do not know how I run this process in the construct!!

    tnx for you attention and help men

  • because the size of songs are larger than 200 mg !!

    and game size ....!! )))

    in this method user download the his favorites song, so game size is min than 20

    again tnx

  • hiiiiiiiiiiii

    There is no one who know my need and help me ?!!!


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