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  • Hi, I'm watching a YouTube vid, called "Construct 2 Plugins - Arrays", by English Acorn, where he shows how to download an array in a .json format after installing the AJAX object. When he runs the game, a download box appears asking where to save the file on his computer. However, when I try all this, I get a Windows 8 window asking me to search and install an app to open the file. I don't want to open the file (I could use notepad for that), but I don't see any download box. What am I missing? I've tried installing the Browser and WebStorage objects in case those were needed, but not mentioned by English Acorn.

    I've got an array to load from a .csv file, but now I need it to save to a json file. I'm using Internet Explorer, by the way. Any ideas?

  • Download Chrome, and try again !

    Seriously, I think the "Download as JSON" action doesn't work properly in IE10... might have something to do with Data URI limitation.

  • That did the trick. THANKS

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  • IE10 is not worth the money you spend with microsoft

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