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  • Hi all,

    I got a question.

    I would love to know how to let the user download an image to there phone. With this i mean they can download a therefore given image to the SD card or directly onto the phone.

    Also i would like to know if there is any "Set as wallpaper" possibility?

    Thanks alot in advance!

  • where, mobile?

    they can always do a screencap.

    you can load an image via Ajax frame,

  • Is there any other way than screencapping?

    I want the images already put in, maybe as objects? With a simple button it has to be save-able to your phone or set as wallpaper.

    Is this possible?

  • "Set as wallpaper" it's not possible because HTML5 doesn't access to other OS, otherwise it can save pictures if android supports file manager.

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  • Aha,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Got a question though. Is there any command to have the user download something? So even if it wasn't for mobile?

    Let's say ive got a PNG file and i want the user to download it to there PC. Any way for that?

  • Little bump overhere. I�m on holiday atm and can�t wait to start again when im back in 2 days!

    My next question is about screencapture. Is there a possible way to make a �screenshot� of your screen and let that download to your phone?

    I�m really thinking about this alot how i can fix this issue. Thanks already!

  • Any luck with this? I want to create something that the user can create, screencapture and save avatar images onto their device and this would be the kind of functionality that I am looking for.

    Update: There may be some answers in this thread:

  • To be honest it took me so long that i gave up and took on to another project.

    Yet i still want to know how so i will continue my search soon. Will keep this thread up to date if i got a awnser!

  • So,

    I'm bumping up my 2 year old thread .

    In this 2 years did something make this possible?

    I am still interested in creating wallpaper applications.

    Is there any way we can create a "Set as wallpaper/background" button these days?

    Thanks in advance!

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