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  • Hello there,

    i need to know what is the best an easiest way to make a game in a stile like the historic C64 OERM.

    That means: The Actor is in the middle of the screen. The background scrolls. Up a hill down a hill, jump over a pit, duck under a tree, pick something, and so on.

    What is the best,quickest,easiest to save resources ?

    Big Background ? Tiles ? Rotation ?

    I mean the Background-Scrolling changes (Downhill/Uphill) and not the control over the sprite.

    Thank you for a tip, i think it's there but i'm blocked.

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  • I could not find any info on OERM.

    The standard way to do levels is not to use one giant image but instead use pieces that can be reused in multiple spots on the level.

    For the scrolling you could center the screen on the player and always make the player move right.

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