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  • This isnt really a How Do I but of a How would you

    This is my Dot Ball game im working on I have most things worked out but not sure how to go about breaking tackles or blocks and making tackles and keeping your blocks...

    I currently have players set up Speed, Strength, Agility, Stamina, Breaking Tackles, Tackling, Holding Block, Breaking Block, Spin...

    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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  • Looks like a little bit of a challenge.

    Things you need are on hike = move object to player = pin to or set position to object.

    then on player angle if pass ball set angle of movement to players angle.

    set bullet +/- depending on which side has the ball or if touch set moveto touch.X Touch.Y

    on collision with object set position to object or pin to object.

    If collision between objects set movemnet to enabled for new player and disable movement for last player.

    if ball = Touch.X Touch.Y and is not collision with object = next down at Touch.X Touch.Y

    Non user AI set position to object ( player ai ) follow set angle of movement towards ball on is line of sight.

    If ai catch ball set move to goal

    on collision with object next down.

    on hike ai move to choose ai player 1-3 .X and y -15

    I will edit with more later.

  • Carbincopy

    Thanks Cabincopy. I already have the players running there routes and make there blocks and all that stuff. What im working on now is when an offense lineman is blocking a defense lineman I need to come up with a way to see if the defense can break the block and get to the ball carrier or if the offense is able to continue with his block. Also in this pic the play has been run and the ball carrier made it through the line with out be touched because the offense line made there blocks like they should but the strong safety on defense was able to come up and make the hit on the runner. Now what i need to figure out is if the runner is able spin out of the tackle , break the tackle or if the strong safety makes the tackle.. Ive been working on a few different ideas but not working out so good so far lol

  • I believe you would use pathfinding to Player.X Player.Y (-/+ ) if location is not find path move along. if arrived do nothing.

    everytick check player.x player.y

    also use something like line of sight to chase / tackle player within x distance

  • Im not using pathfinding because on pathfinding arrived there is to much of a delay when the player needs to change directions. I am using the bullet behavior so bullet is always active and changes angles with out having to stop...

    I almost have it worked out now... thanks

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