Doodle Jump Template need help

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  • Hi, I originally was going to try a fruit ninja type game but as a rank beginner I was in over my head so I decided to use the doodle jump template and play around with the elements and learn from there.

    I loaded a background tile 500, 447 to tile but it seems to blow up the image and only half of it is on screen as it is too big then it does not tile it vertically. The little fellow just jumps beyond it and keeps going.

    I know I must be doing something stupidly simple wrong.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Select the tiled BG, set the size to what you need. It will only tile for as high as you set it there.

  • Here is a screen capture:

    (Sorry about the space for some reason it won't let me post hyperlinks)

    Notice how it runs out of background. I would like to lock in that background and have on a different layer other elements that would scroll by as you jump like doodle jump has.

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  • mindfaQ

  • in the layer properties for your background set paralex to 0,0.

  • mindfaQ


    So far so good, now I'm trying to add a 'boing' sound effect when the player lands on a platform and bounces to the next.

    I've imported the sound but can't figure out how to attach it to the players actions.

    Thanks for the help.

  • add audio to the project, add audio action to play the sound at the appropriate place in the events/actions

  • mindfaQ


    Thanks, I keep getting this error:

    Converted to AAC but failed to convert to OGG

    I tried several imports an mp3 a wav even an ogg file.

  • O.K I used another online converter and the sound is working now. Now I'm going to try and make some breakable platforms. Thanks for the help. I'm sure I will be asking a bunch more questions.

  • mindfaQ


    Trying to add another sound for falling off the screen but I can't seem to add it in. What are the steps after importing a sound to add it. I tried as an object but that did'nt work.

  • You probably already have the audio object in your game, for you had that one sound right?

    In your event sheet you can now add an action play audio under any event and it will ask for the name of the audio file you want played.

  • O.K got the sound to play but I'd like to do two things next:

    1) have a little falling scene after the little bugger falls off the bottom. How could I do this? I could use the same background and I just want the little guy to fall from the top to the bottom while playing the falling sound then start at the begining.

    2) I want to add breakable platforms that once bounced on they break and are no longer platforms. I have it now when he jumps through them they break but not when he lands on them. Still trying to figure this out.


  • LittleStain


    Here is the link to what I am doing on dropbox:

  • For some reason when I export to html5 I get a black screen and that's it. I click on the index.html

  • see that the wound you are importing is the right kind of quality and extention. Try to use wav when importing sound. IF you have an mp3 here is a good converter i always use.

    As for the black screen. You need an apache server. Or a ftp to upload it to a host.

    This means it can not run directly from your filesystem. You need a web server to run it. Liek an Apache server. But i think that is still a bit over your head.

    Just try uploading it to an account. Make youerself developer and upload a game without publishing it. There is mroe information on itself

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