They don't care about Obstacles in CustomMovement

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  • My pathfinders got point in LineOfSight but when they see it, they don't care about obstacles I made.

    I tried many things like solid and no solid obstacles. Also pathfinders have marked solid in their LineOfSight behaviour.

    Also I added event with obstacles marked for LineOfSight and chosed custom obstacles, but is the same.

    So maybe problem is in rotation toward object. I would like to make the objects do not move on the bevel. Sp then they will find the same way of walking as in pathfinding(not diagonally)

  • anyone?

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  • Ok I trying t change LOS for path changing, but its not easy. When pathfinders got new object to find, they just swim over the layer. I added variable: when new object (magnet) is on screen find path to another new.

    And for now I have to use Set angle toward (new point), and still pathfinders don't care about obstacles. So this action "Set angle" is problematic, not LOS.

    If someone have any idea how to change path feel free to share.

  • Ok Solved. One night and I get magnet effect with pathfinder and it's works! Making New path is better than LOS and enemies walking smoother.

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