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  • Remember DKC on the snes? If you didn't touch the controls for 30 seconds or so DK idle animation would change and he would freak out. How do I do this in the event sheet? I have all my animations lined up but I don't know how to say " if there is no input for 30 seconds, run timeout animation". I currently have my idle,run, jump, fall animations and actions in working order.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  • Have you tried using timer ? such as this is idle animation playing start timer....then when timer ends do the freak out animation. Or you could extend the idle animation to match the 30 second and then do on animation end do freak out animation.

    That should be what you need.

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  • thanks gearworkdragon, ya i figured it would have something to do with the timers but i cant wrap my head on how to actually use them, I'm gonna scower youtube and see how people are using them and give it a go.

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