How should be done an expanding Fish-bucket?

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  • First of all, thank you everyone for the tutorials about hash and array, but still i don't get how it works, i think i succeed in putting data into the array, at least at the first line, but from what i understood i'm not able to retrieve anything i putted into the array.

    So, i'll explain my problem:

    I'm developing a fishing game, and i need to store the stats of the caught fish individually and allow the player to perform some action on each fish caught, so let say there is the fish bucket, like this.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Every fish belongs to a race, wich summons the icon, has got some stats, like weight, sellvalue/weightUnit, Calories/sellUnit, etc.

    I need the program to simply remember and recall any entry, so far it seems to me that the correct tool is an array, but i didn't find any tutorial that explains the operations with pratical and known examples.

    Maybe i'm bound to write one, but the very reason i'm studying construct is i wish to work with:

    "the shoes number 13 are in the third shelf, on the 2nd floor"

    rather than


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  • P.S.

    I didn't link a capx file because i didn't got any success, there is simply 3 textbox, 3 texts, 2 buttons an array

    In the events i'm struggling to make something like:

    1) when i click the first button store the content of the 3 textbox in the first line of the array

    2)when i click the second button write the content of the first line of the array in the 3 texts

    Then i'll struggle again to make a button: add a line and store a new set of data as new record

    and last phase should be "set the status of player and location according to the variables in the object, then delete current record"

  • Found 3 reasonable solutions.

    I'll link the capx file for documentation and didactic purpose, ASAC (As soon as conceivable) i'll make a brief tutorial.

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