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  • Hello all! i have been fiddling with Construct for months now but i have just purchased my license and now im trying to take things abit more seriously.

    i am making a Metroidvania-esq game and i have came across a few problems/questions that i hope the community can help me with.

    the player character has a habit of standing still when shooting and moving at the same time. (basically a hovering vampire with a gun)

    he also does this when he is kneeling and shooting. keep in mind the character is perfectly find at running.

    so how do i make it so that the character does a extra animation while running so his legs do not look choppy as he shoots?

    also how do i make it so that if the character is kneeling, the character is locked in place as long as that animation/action/button pressed etc. is in place.

    the game will also have a story element so i would like to have a sort of cinematic cut scenes with dialog, the kind that has a portrait with scrolling text, while the text is paused, character interactions and animations play. how would i enable fast scroll and confirm to start the next string of dialog?

    i would like to apologize for such a long list of questions.

    but i also appreciate all the help i can get!

    thanks for reading.

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