Dojo of Death style movement/dashing

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  • Hey guys, I've been wracking my brain for the past couple of days trying to find the best method to implement a movement/dash system very similar to Dojo of Death (I can't post the link because I just signed up, but you can find it on I would like to use this as a spring board to test out some other ideas I had and expand on this system.

    That said, I know I need to have event telling the player to constantly move toward Mouse.X and Mouse.Y, but am not sure which movement type is best for this (8-Directions, Custom Movement, Physics, etc.) and am not code-savvy at all.

    The other issue is implementing a dash system like DoD's, where the player decelerates instead of it being a constant speed, and also seems to come to a halt before continuing to follow the mouse.

    I came close to what I wanted using physics based movement and applying force every tick toward the mouse, as well as applying a larger amount of force when clicking for the dash, but I feel like there's much better ways of doing this.

    I would submit a capx file, but have barely gotten anywhere with this so there's not really anything to show. If anyone has any ideas of advice on how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  • No ideas? lol

  • Try bullet behavior, It should be pretty simple to implement.

  • A lot of people come here thinking that making a game is really simple. And it is. But there is still a small hurdle of figuring out how the C2 tool system works.

    I would suggest checking out this tutorial

    (you can still post URL strings even without a link) to understand the basics of how the tool works. It's not hard and it's a well worth lesson. In fact it's so well worth it that the tutorial will answer your question and teach you loads more :)

  • I was bored so I made an example for you.

    I hope you are trying to learn and not to ripoff DOD creators idea :)

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