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  • Hi, my name is Guillermo (Gomezzara) and i'm trying to find out how to create a simple "pong" game and i have alot of issues and doubts about finish and creating a "complete" game.

    Here you can test it:

    My doubts are with the Artificial intelligence (I.A), i don't know how to create it... (or how to create a diferent levels of dificulty). Also, with the creation of a pause menu; i'm trying to use the Set Time Scale, (Press "e", the game pauses, but i can't make that you can use a simple menu because all functions are "frozen").

    Also, i'm trying to find out how to create the point systems; i make this system:

    <img src="" border="0">

    The idea, is when the ball pass a point that i define like this way:

    <img src="" border="0">

    I use a Array function to store the points?

    I'm sorry for my english!

    But i hope you can help me!!

    Greetings from Chile!


  • Hello Guillermo

    Here is a pong game I made a while back:


    This .capx should help you with some of your questions. It comes with a AI (Artificial Intelligence). You can adjust the AI speed to make it easier, or harder to play by looking for were it says "lerp(Paddle_AI.Y, Puck.Y,0.05)", and changing the speed "0.05" to a higher or lower number. You can also adjust the ball speed, and acceleration in the layout properties window. Also look through the events sheet to see how you can set the ball to start at random angles to give your game a more real feel.

    I didn't comment the event sheet because I'm lazy, and it is pretty small. So if you have any questions about it just ask.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you very much Wink, the only problem that i have the Free version, but i will try to see it.

    Once again, Thanks!

  • Your welcome Guillermo

    The free version shouldn't be a problem my .capx only uses 18 events, and everything in it can be used with the free version.

  • Wink:

    The only problem would be that you're using more than 4 layers, but I don't know if that will stop him from opening it, or just exporting it.

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  • OK, I see.

    Guillermo if you cant open it let me know, and I can modify it for you.

    If you can open it you could probably move layer 4,and 3's sprites onto layer 2 if you want to modify it yourself.

  • Here you go Guillermo:

    Pong Example 4 Layers

  • :( I have a strange problem

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I'm looking the Update, but in the webpage only appears the version 9.5 :(

    I'm Sorry!

  • Use the link on the bottom of the front page or click the link in my signature.

  • No problem here you go:

    Pong Example 4 Layers R95

  • Thanks once again Nimtrix and Wink! You guys are awesome :)

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