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  • I'm wondering how you could make DLC available for your game. I realize that you could just add an update to the game, but I want to know how to actually make it where you have to download a separate package to add to your game to play.

  • HMTL5 games can automatically download the update if appchache is newer. You could use Browser plugin where you can check if has new update, then start to download and restart HTML5 game.

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  • How would the game keep track of the DLC you already added, and add the one you wanted without giving access to other DLC?

  • Maybe you could make a version that is DLC'ed and another one that isn't , that way you could control who downloaded what ...

  • Throw up a pode iframe and play your game through that. Have a little app with nothing more than a menu and iframe. Then an app that fits you're iframe window for the actual game and additional apps for the dlc. That will take care of using dlc as an option. As for pay for dlc you would probably need additional programming like php to make the purchase and allow for the download. Not sure if there is a plugin for that. I've seen one called appmobi if I recall that has all sorts of cool bells and whistles. So maybe go check out the plugin section of the forums.

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