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  • Hello,

    I'm looking for some help with the controls for my 2D platformer. The idea would be that the player will use a combination of a "dive" and the reactionary "parachute" effect to move through the level. Similar to how Mario moves in Super Mario World when he flies with the cape.

    If there is nothing being input, I'd like to have the character glide downward at a 30 degree angle at a slow and smooth pace.

    If the player presses the "dive" button, I'd like the character to dive downward. The longer the player holds "dive" the sharper the angle becomes and the more speed they will descend with.

    As soon as the "dive" button is released, I'd like the player to then move back upwards (as if they just pulled the rip cord on their parachute). So the player would quickly ascend up at a 45 degree angle, but lose momentum shortly after and then return to it's downward gliding speed and angle.

    The more speed/distance/angle generated with the dive, the more speed/distance/angle would be recovered in the "parachute" phase.

    To clarify, the player will only press the "dive" button - the "parachute" effect is simply a reaction of the dive.

    I'd appreciate any advice, links, or (even better) a .capx to get me going in the right direction.


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  • You've got the logic down, so that's half the battle. Do some tutorials and play around with the custom movement behaviour. At least try it yourself and then ask for help if you get stuck.

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