How do I distribute unique licence keys?

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  • Hey All,

    When I buy a game, I get a licence key for that so that I may download that game again if I loose it like a dumbass, without allowing me to download more versions of the same game.

    How does this work? Who makes those licence keys?

    I'm thinking of self-publishing so just doing some research

    Thanks a lot!

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  • you need to create a hash algorithm. and you need a database.

    once a player registers - you send him a game key (example: 3D5B8-A3B8-etc.. ) and for that key you save yourself a HASH

    that is generated once you pull through the whole key. (example, you get something like this: a7asdas7a6d876asdgdk12jb124).

    that algorithm must give the same hash for that cd key EVERY TIME.

    so when someone uses that CD KEY if hash is correct - enable download to that person (or whatever). OF course you can't control if it's the same person, but kinda does half of the anti-piracy job (example: i buy your game and give cd key to some friend. he plays your game like he's me but he's not me )

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