How do I Distribute an offline copy of my game?

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  • Hi,

    really unfamiliar with html5 and a bit slow when it comes to tech- hope someone is able to bear with me

    I want to be able to share my game without needing to be online. This is because I have an online submission for Uni and my lecturer wants to be able to play my game with ease and he's quite strict on submission guidelines. (ideally he'd like an .exe - although I'm in no financial state to get a personal lisence at the moment.) I need to submit online so what file type could I export to with the free version that can be played offline after a download if any?

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  • Free version doesn't have export options i think

  • Sorry but with free version, you can't export to *.exe.

    So you need upload it to any server and play it from index file there, or upgrade your license to personal, and export with NW.js so you get normal offline versions of your game for MAC, Linux and Windows.

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