Is Distortion Out Lighting The Only Way Possible?

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  • Whatsup peeps,

    I have been lurking around the examples in the arcade for awhile and I seen the lighting tutorial that Ashley was kind enough to make.My question is this, is that the only way for me to make LIGHTING? I want to have color lights and distortion out makes everything white. I would love to know if someone has made some lighting like Terraria.I really need light like that. Thanks peeps for reading

  • Hi,

    I have no experience with that, but you can try this effect, looks similar what you need.

  • Or maybe I would use something like blend mode in effect settings of your object (Lightning examples level).

  • Thanks stre3t im not sure if thats the way to go. I would like to hear from some other people, possibly a construct veteran who has dealt with this before. I have seen posts on this but they were older than dirt. Anybody know any other lighting techniques? IMO I think this should be featured in construct.A behavior for lighting. But not to get off subjet I still need some info on this. Thanks everyone

  • Maybe, try to search ;). Usually I try to make things on my own, it's a good challenge :). You're welcome and good luck.

  • The thing is stre3t I have tried a few different ways. I checked out the link you had placed but its from 2010 bro thats just too long ago it is also a plugin that I dont even know works for mobile .Plus with something as complex as this I would rather hear from the horses mouth. I dont want to ruin my project over a bad mistake and me rushing things

  • Yes, sorry, you haven't mentioned it and I understand, I make in C2 just for fun I don't want to be famous and rich with my project :D ;)

  • I have alot of views,But I cant seem to get a straight anwser about lighting. Really all I need to know is the other ways to create 2d lighting if there is one.

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  • Can someone enlighten me on this subject? I only have seen one way to implement this. It would be cool to hear some different perspectives.

  • You can add a second coloured sprite with Destination over and reduce the opacity. I did this quickly with a solid circle, but you can experiment with gradients on the coloured sprite also.


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