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  • SO I Thought I'd see how easy it would be to port my CC game over to C2. Aside of the exiting part of ripping every frame of animation, background tile set etc etc, it's going fairly quickly. I've managed to get the character completely programmed and then some from the original CC game. While rebuilding my first level I hit a snag.

    No Distort map actions.

    I see that there are distortion effects but they don't appear to do what I want. I had the trees in my game mapped (treesprite map 1,1)so I could distort the top corner the most and the bottom corner the least/not at all.

    So how can I go about this in C2?

    Other than that, it's been pretty fast to get it over and I'm only on my first day of porting! The sprite editor is much easier to use since you can add frames of animation while working with the sprites and not clicking in and out of every frame like in CC.

    Anyhow, thanks in advance as always for your help and I look forward to your replies!!


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  • Did a good hard search of the forum to turn up an upsetting answer. No Distort map, no skew function. So I will now ask what the possiblilty of getting a plug in to do the old distort map functions is.

    My whole shooter level depended on it, and all of the fx in my forest level (swaying grass, trees etc etc) used it. I just tried some pre rendered gfx in place of the effect but it looks like total garbage compared to the smooth transitions I have in my CC version.

    I'd really appriciate some input here, a plug-in or behavior would be excellent. But I had no problem doing the math for this in the original CC, I only needed the distort functions.

    I'll try to track down an alternate solution to the wave grass and tree effect in the meantime.

    Thanks again!!


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