Displaying a web page inside a game

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  • I want to insert adds in a game but I want the adds that are displayed to be located on the internet in the form of a normal .html web page so they can easily be changed later without having to alter the game. The basic idea is to load the web page into the layout inside the game when I want to display the add.

    How would I go about doing this?


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  • An easier way is you add your adverts to the exported index.html file and use CSS to position them over or near the canvas.

  • When I uploaded the game to a portal would I have control over the index.html file where the game was located at on their server in order to do this?


  • No, I guess not, but then game portals usually provide ads for you anyway don't they?

  • Game portals place their own adds on the same page as the game but not inside the game unless you import and use their API. A few game portals have profit sharing on these same page adds but most do not.

    If I were able to display a fully functional web page inside the game I could use my own ads or use the displayed web page to display third party adds in the game.

    In addition I could also give away prizes (such as free downloads) for winning the game or getting a certain score. The displayed web page would either contain these prizes or links to these prizes.


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