How do I Display time on Game Over screen.

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  • Hey,

    I am making a game that sees how long a player can last. I want the Game Over screen to show what the player's time was. Kind of like a leader board. I found a few tutorials on time that is how I got the time to work but I can't find out how to display it at the end. I would also like the game to get harder over time and I can't seem to figure that one out either…. Thanks for all your help.

  • If you want my advice here how I will make it if I was you: first create global variable called :"PlayerTime" ,

    1- then create condition: "Every 1 second" and "If Player.count=1" ==> add 1 to playerTime.

    Once the player is destroyed, the PlayerTime will stop.

    2- Add text and set condition: "Everytick" ==> Set text (any name) to ("Time: "&PlayerTime)

    Hope it would help you

  • Make a game harder add game speed gobble variables and at certain time make Gamespeed increase

    meaning if your gamespeed = 300 then just add gamespeed + 100 or 200 and so on

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  • Naji, thanks for your reply. What I did was Create a "GV" called Timer. On every tick I add dt timer, and on a text sprite I Set text to timer. If i clone the text and set the text to timer at the game over screen it works. what I want it to do is keep your time so you can see if you beat your score.

  • Thanks Lordshiva, I will try that to see how it works...

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