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  • Hey-- i posted a more current description of my help request below. Thanks && kind regards, mark-p.

  • Maybe you can post your CAPX and we can help you with what you've got.

    One way to do this, is to create a list with all numbers from 01 to 49. Than use Random to pick a number in the range. Check if the number exists in the list. If so use it and delete the picked number in the list.

  • Or you can add a boolean variable to the Tile sprite, call it "Displayed".


    + Tile: Is NOT displayed (invert the condition with right click)

    + System: Pick random instance.

    Do whatever you want with that tile

    Tile: Set Displayed to true

    + Else (this should run when there are no more tiles to show, basically restarting)

    Tile: Set Displayed to false (sets all tiles to show again)

  • -- See Below.

  • More than once i have been asked to post a CAPX file, and i have one-- but don't know how to post it, i am ashamed to say. I am not getting much action off of the "insert hyperlink" button etc. && wonder how ya'll would post one if it were you < like, Um-- if you were explaining it to a moron or something, as it were then Old Chaps... > ?? Can't seem to get a pic to post either.

    -- See Below.

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  • scirra.com/tutorials/42/upload-your-game-to-dropbox/page-1

    I know it says they removed the public folder, but I got my new dropbox account recently and it had a public folder.

  • Hey-- thanks buddy && i will look into this right now.

  • Hey-- i had an earlier post about setting up a text field that displays on a button click. I have a CAPX file but am still unsure how to post it. I have a demo file set-up now at the following link to show:

    -- "http://redflagmobile.com/RedFlagMobile-Projects.html"

    and is the first link folder on the left side.

    The actual link to that server is:

    -- "http://mpdemos-1.scienceontheweb.net/"

    but FaceBook blocks this URL < says it looks "spammy" to them > so i don't often use it, but it is a good, regular link with nothing wrong and the demo is there.

    O.K.-- what i have is ten instances of the same text object && each has a different value typed into the text box: "001" through "010" && each one has an instance variable "Variable1" that is a number 1 through 10 respectively && i have an Array object < 1d > that has a width of 10 and has a number 1 through 10 as the value starting at index 0.

    When i click the buttons-- it displays a random instance of the text-- but i need to set the array up so's that it will not re-pick one that has already been displayed in a text box. Usually the Text objects are off-camera, but i put them on-stage in this little demo to be able to see.

    Obviously, i am totally clueless about the array set-up. I am reading through the tutorial "arrays for beginners" as i am posting this-- and would be very grateful if the folks on the forum could help me set this up so's it works the right way.

    kind regards, mark-p

    at: "markpouncey-at-gmail-dot-com"

  • Hey-- i got a kind of a "Hill-Billy Work-Around" to do what i needed to do without the array object. It's kind of a "Array-That's-Not-An-Array" thanks to the new "Set Text" feature in the new build. Have submitted an example demo to The Arcade && am awaiting approval from the Boss Men. Wish i could do it "The Right Way" && will say more when that arcade demo is O.K.'ed &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

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