How do I display objects frame without associating events?

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  • I am wanting to have a menu that displays an image of game objects that can be found during game play.

    An example would be a building that can be upgraded so it will have different frames. During game play the building will have reactions to other objects. I am wanting to add the image of the building on a menu. It needs to show the same frame as the game play building, but not have it adopt it's events and triggers associated with it.

    Is there a way I can just grab a frame of an object and have it displayed in a 2nd location, so it doesn't have events or triggers associated with it? Is it possible to make a 2nd object and use the first objects animation frames, but it will still be it's own object and won't adopt "on created" events etc. Or do I have to make a 2nd duplicate object with the same Animations? I am not wanting to waste ticks that are not needed on the 2nd building image if possible.

    This brings up another question. If I do an overlay on a layout as a menu, how do I prevent drag and drop items from interacting with what is below the menu overlay?

  • I would simply use one object with an instance variable to check for conditions. So for your building, add a boolean "DisplayOnly" true or false. Then for your events, add the DispayOnly=false to not affect the menu ones.

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  • Regarding the drag and drop on the menu, again you would just add a condition to your drag event to only include things on the relative layer.

  • I realized this and was trying to remove the post. Windows updates started without asking and slowed my internet down so much I couldn't do anything... Thank you for your reply.

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