How do I display 2 layouts before loading?

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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm making a mobile HTML5 game and in the beginning I want to ask the user to rotate his phone into portrait mode and then touch the screen so it requests full screen.

    I have a black layout with the text but I was wondering how to make the loading layout the one after that.

    I was thinking that I could write it on the loading screen but since I'm using scale inner only after the full screen request I don't want to get things messed up on the loading screen...

    Is this possible somehow or I should try to do it inside the loading screen?


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  • Do it inside of your loader or even make a layout after the loader but before your game.


  • Or a 'bad' way:

    Make 2 Projects ...

    The first ask the user to rotate his device and hyperlink to the second project (the Game)

    Loaderscreen is ever the first layout!

    Why do not fixes the rotation in the project properties?

    Configuration Settings -> Orientations


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