How do I display items inside a Pop-Up Menu?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a way on how to display a list of items within a Pop-Up Menu.

    The intention is to have the items (sprites) displayed only within the Pop-Up Menu that is on another layer and above the game.

    The Pop-Up Menu is smaller than the screen in order to have the Player being able to see what is happening behind.

    Do you know a way contain and render the objects within this "box"?

    Do we have something like display when overlapping (visible partially only the part that is overlapping)?

    Thank you!

  • I forgot to mention that the list of objects is bigger than the Pop-Up. So the Player needs to scroll inside the Pop-Up.

    Scrolling is not the problem, I found great tutorial about it but it is mainly on how to contain the objects within the pop-up

    Thanks again

  • You could use blendmodes for masking certain parts of a layer..

    There's an example shipped with C2

  • If you mean to show even just a bit of the item that's in the display area but the rest cutoff, then you'd be looking at masking (EFFECTS - the manual should help with that).

    Otherwise, just don't show / create the items that aren't within the popup's display. For this you'll need arrays.

  • Thank you guys, I tried blend modes with different FX but the result is not what I would like to do.

    It displays the entire object even if it is bigger than the popup or it is in additive...

    I did not find the masking Effect, this is exactly what I am looking for

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  • Hi and LittleStain

    I tried again Blend Mode with Source atop, and it is working.

    Thank you guys, I did not know what I was doing wrong, but you help me to gather in this direction.

    Do you know if it is working on all devices?


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