How do I display all IAP prices?

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  • Right now I have 5 products. I would like to display the IAP price.

    But it only shows the price of the first product and so far I do not know why.

    Do you have an idea why this might happen or what is important for me to check?

    My events are something like:

    start of layout: phonegapIAP - get app products
    on Request store listing complete  --> set global var ShowPrices to 1
    ShowPrices = 1
    --> spritefont1: set text to: PhonegapIAP.ProductPrice("coin100")
    --> spritefont2: set text to: PhonegapIAP.ProductPrice("coin200")
    --> spritefont3: set text to: PhonegapIAP.ProductPrice("coin300")[/code:3g8tiejp]
    	[li]These events are on the same layout.[/li]
    	[li]I am able to buy my products, so the products exist.[/li]
    	[li]I checked the spelling of the products in my events.[/li]
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