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  • Hi

    Well, I'm doing a little game that work fine in a desktop browsers but when I try to play in a device I have a crazy error... all the game break in a lot of pieces and I can't play.The sprites looks small but the image inside are bigger, so it cut the image.When I change the orientation of a device the stage cut in a half and show repeated in the other side. I tried export with many different ways but unsuccessfully.

    So I start to think if the problem could be my server and try to play with other games from Construct,at dropbox, but I have the same problem...

    I tried with a Galaxy with a Android 2.1 and 2.2 and a IPhone 3.Both with the same problem...I think I'm doing something wrong...Could you help me ?


  • I test with Jumping Cow from Oreo some minutes ago and have the same problem... is it my devices?

  • How to solve this i would really like to know.

    I need a solution to be able to have construct switch the orientation when my iphone switches orientation.

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  • I have this problem yet.Work fine in Ipad and Android tablets, but have no solution to Iphone and Android smartphones.

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