Disabling the visabilty of the desktop mouse in game

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  • Hello there fellow nerds!

    In my current project (for funsies) I am creating a game which uses a sprite as a mouse cursor.

    Unfortunately the default cursor for the computer is still visible, see screenshot below: pasteboard.co/2a0wReJa.png

    I would like the cursor to show only the purple placeholder sprite and not the default (white)desktop icon.

    I'm not sure this is even possible but it's worth a shot.

    Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance


  • If you want your mouse cursor style to be a sprite,

    try this:

    1) Mouse | Cursor is over poweroff | mouse | set cursor to hand

    2) System | else | Mouse | Set cursor from sprite "Your Sprite" Sprite

    3) Mouse | Cursor is over reset | mouse | set cursor to hand

    4) repeating step 3 for all other objects you need to select from.

  • The response is appropriate however I am past that point.

    I do have the mouse cursor position changing the location of the sprite and changes to the sprite if hovering over an event.

    I'm Referring to the default windows cursor which I wish to hide whilst in the game window

    Thanks anyway

  • https://www.scirra.com/manual/114/mouse

    Set cursor style

    Set the type of mouse cursor showing for the canvas in the HTML page. The cursor can be hidden completely by choosing None.

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  • blackhornet

    Again you save the day!

    You sir are a legend

    I feel so bad as I never managed to find the answer looking through the tutorials.

    I must work on my searching skills.

    Thanks Again!



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